Drug Database for Acute Porphyria

Information in this database applies only to gene carriers of one of the acute forms of porphyria: Acute intermittent porphyria (AIP), Variegate porphyria (VP), Hereditary coproporphyria (HCP), or ALA dehydratase deficiency porphyria.

Drugs as precipitating factors in acute porphyria
Drugs are one of the most important precipitating factors of attacks in the acute porphyrias. An acute attack is a serious medical condition, which is potentially fatal. Thus it is essential to identify those drugs that may provoke an acute attack, and avoid prescribing them, except where no safer alternative exists and the indication outweighs the risks.

Drug classification
In the database, drugs are classified into five categories with regard to their potential ability to precipitate symptoms, i.e. according to their porphyrinogenicity.The rationale and evidence for each classification is available in the database (drug porphyrinogenicity monographs).

Patient-specific evaluation of the susceptibility to drug-induced attacks
Carriers vary in their susceptibility to drug-induced acute attacks. It is possible to estimate the vulnerability of a porphyria gene carrier to drugs, based on age, gender, and previous and current disease activity. Each individual is classified in one of five different risk groups depending on these criteria. The database combines clinical data with the porphyrinogenicity classification of the drug and gives advice for a particular patient concerning the use of the drug. If there is an indication for the prescription of a potentially dangerous drug, advice concerning preventive measures and clinical/biochemical follow-up are also given.

Choice of drug for the porphyric patient
This database can be used in two alternative modes. Please select either:

Search for information about the general safety of drugs

For a particular patient: Receive an advice concerning the use of drugs and the need for precautions. ( The varying susceptibility to drugs is taken into account and clinical data from the patient is required).

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