The information in this drug database for acute porphyria is meant to be used by health care professionals, even though it may also be of interest to patients. Drug use in acute porphyria should always be discussed jointly by patient and health care professional, and if in doubt, further advice should be obtained.

The database contains expert assessments of the potential of drugs to provoke attacks of acute porphyria. The database provides guidance based on a very careful evaluation of international clinical experience, published case reports, previously published drug lists, and theoretical considerations. The quality of patient reports used in the assessments is however often unsatisfactory and for most assessments the available clinical evidence is scarce. In addition, the theoretical models for the mechanisms of action of drugs in the porphyria disease are still incomplete.

The information in this database, which contains some degree of uncertainty, is meant as guidance to health care professionals. It must be made clear that the prescription of drugs to a patient with acute porphyria is entirely at the risk of the physician in charge.

The Swedish Porphyria Centre, the Norwegian Porphyria Centre (NAPOS), and the staff in these centres, accept no responsibility for any error, difference of opinion or any adverse consequences arising from or occasioned by the use of information published on this website.

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